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Mediation Services


Dr. Chester Wilson is an experienced mediator & trainer. He began as a mediator in 2014. He is certified by the Florida Supreme Court in Family, Circuit Civil, and County mediation. He is also a family and county mediation primary trainer and circuit civil mediation assistant trainer. Dr. Wilson provides contracted family mediation services and voluntary county mediation services for the 7th judicial circuit. He also provides continuing mediation education training, having facilitated training for the Florida Supreme Court’s Dispute Resolution Center.


The CW Consulting Firm provides the following Mediation Services:

Family Mediation - $275/hr/per party

County Mediation - $60/hr/per party

Circuit Mediation - $275/hr/per party

Family Mediation Certification Training - $925

County Mediation Certification Training - $525

Mediation Mentorship - $995

Mediation Primary and Assistant Training Mentorship - $6,000

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Church Security Services

Risk Assessment ($300)


A church risk assessment is conducted on the church to identify areas of concern that need to be addressed. It will highlight areas that pose a risk to the parishioners that could result in a critical incident. A walk-through with the Pastor or designee will be conducted to identify these areas of concern. The assessment will be documented and submitted upon completion.


Church Analysis ($300)


 A church analysis is conducted to identify the security needs. This includes analyzing the physical layout of the building and reviewing the operations of the most vulnerable population. It will analyze the behaviors of the church members as well as the operation of the church security team.


Security Plan ($300)


After an assessment and analysis of the church and its operations, an individualized security plan will be developed for the church that provides direction of a critical incident and threat. A detailed plan, which highlights the areas of concerns, needed supervision, and church response will be included as a guide for current and future security personnel to follow.


Cyber Security Assessment and Plan ($400)


A cyber security assessment and plan include a review of the electronic communications and devices that are being used. This includes but is not limited to computers, email, on-line accounts, access, Wi-Fi access and sharing, and donation apps. This cyber review will provide consultation on protection and preventing hacks, how to provide access to parishioners, who should have access, proper storage, and the backup of church information. It will also identify phishing and spam email and other documents.


Church Security Training ($400)


This 5-hour training will provide an overview of security training for up to 10 church security teams and members. It will discuss RUN, HIDE, FIGHT, the church’s response, the roles and responsibilities of church security members, Fire-arms discussion, security positioning, de-escalation, entrance and exit plans, and responding to a critical incident.


CPR & First Aid Response Training ($45)


This training will provide CPR and AED training to community participants and workplace employees. Upon successful completion, participants will be certified for 2-years.


Church Security Supervision- ($40/hr.) 


Provides on-going supervision of church security for church security officers. On-going supervision is to ensure church security officers receive timely and qualified feedback from a trained security instructor.

On-Call Supervision- ($40/hr.- minimum of 2 hours)


On-call supervision allows for a security officer to be on call and respond to critical incidents as needed.

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