Mediation Services


Dr. Chester Wilson is an experienced mediator & trainer. He began as a mediator in 2014. He is certified by the Florida Supreme Court in Family, Circuit Civil, and County mediation. He is also a family and county mediation primary trainer and circuit civil mediation assistant trainer. Dr. Wilson provides contracted family mediation services and voluntary county mediation services for the 7th judicial circuit. He also provides continuing mediation education training, having facilitated training for the Florida Supreme Court’s Dispute Resolution Center.


The CW Consulting Firm provides the following Mediation Services:

Family Mediation - $275/hr/per party

County Mediation - $60/hr/per party

Circuit Mediation - $275/hr/per party

Family Mediation Certification Training - $925

County Mediation Certification Training - $525

Mediation Mentorship - $995

Mediation Primary and Assistant Training Mentorship - $6,000